Twelve-year-old Luke and his brother Austin can’t seem to get along. Luke says he’d rather have a Grizzly bear for a brother. Austin says he’d rather have a Komodo dragon because they smell better. The boys are on a school field trip to the zoo when lightning strikes the water tower, producing churning colors and

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Sweet Dreams, Nurse Kerry

On Kerry Gardner’s first day at nursing school, the director tells the class not to have any notions about meeting doctors since they are there to study. At dinner that night Kerry breaks a glass and cuts her hand. When a young physician tries to help her, she realizes he is Mark Kingsley, the boy

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Mandy Burns started high school this year. But instead of going to Centerville High with her friends, she’s going to school with four thousand strangers in a building that covers a city block. She doesn’t fit in, and yearns for the days when her parents were together. Her biggest problem back then was trying to

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Sterile Field

After her husband is killed in Iraq, Lori Scott moves to northern Michigan to work as a homecare nurse.  Her husband has left her childless but wealthy.  She buys a twenty-five room, historic mansion hoping to find peace in its elegant Victorian splendor.  Working in homecare isn’t as “peaceful” as she’d hoped, but she loves

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