M. C. (Peg) Berkhousen graduated from Three Rivers High School and Borgess School of Nursing In Kalamazoo, Michigan. Integrating her love of writing with her nursing career, Peg won the Michigan Nurse Writer of the year for her article on using journalism therapy with a patient who was on the USS Hornet when it was sunk by the Japanese in WWII. One of her most rewarding experiences was consulting with the Franciscan sisters in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Click on “About the Author” for more information.

Curse of the Komodo
Book 1 of the Komodo Trilogy

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Be careful what you wish for! Luke and Austin Brockway can’t seem to stop arguing. Luke says he’d rather have a grizzly bear for a brother. Austin claims a Komodo dragon would smell better than Luke. While they are on a school trip to the zoo, a violent storm creates chaos in the atmosphere and their wishes are granted! Luke turns into a Komodo dragon and Austin becomes a grizzly bear. Luke can’t eat the frozen rats he gets for supper, and Austin is scared of his seven-hundred pound roommates. A mean guard with a temper and a cattle prod adds to their misery. Gramps tells the boys they are victims of an old family curse that can’t be undone until the next violent storm. Until then, they must help each other survive as zoo animals. Will they ever return to their normal, happy lives again?

Curse of the Komodo by M.C. Berkhousen ISBN number 978-1-946329-39-4 Published by Progressive Rising Phoenix Press
90% Human
Book 2 of the Komodo Trilogy

Luke and Austin Brockway are at camp for two weeks. As a result of an old family curse, Luke has tiny eagle feathers under his arms. He wears a tee-shirt in swimming so no one will see them. The guys tease him about his sun allergy. A cabin mate pinches Luke repeatedly, leaving bruises. Luke doesn’t report the bullying because he fears he’ll be examined by the nurse and she’ll find his feathers. He must deal with this bully on his own. As the days go by, Luke, his brother, Austin, and their friend Megan face even greater perils. When disaster looms, Luke must choose between saving his friends and facing life as an eagle. Will Luke find a way to become 100% human again?

90% Human by M.C. Berkhousen ISBN number 978-1-946329-75-2 Published by Progressive Rising Phoenix Press

Return to Komodo Island

Book 3 of the Komodo Trilogy

Watch for Return to Komodo Island, book 3 of M.C. Berkhousen’s exciting Komodo Trilogy, coming in 2019.
The Brockways and the Giffords return to Komodo Island to try to undo the curse. Their journey is perilous, and they face even worse danger when they finally reach the island. Together, Luke, Austin and Megan search for the fabled pink Komodo. But first they must find Medicine Woman, if she’s still alive!

Curse of the Komodo reviewed in national magazine! See News and Reviews page for details.

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