Book 2 of the Komodo Trilogy – 90% Human


Book 1 of the Komodo Trilogy – Curse of the Komodo

“Be careful what you wish for! Luke and Austin Brockway can’t seem to stop arguing. Luke says he’d rather have a grizzly bear for a brother. Austin claims a Komodo dragon would smell better than Luke. While they are on a school trip to the zoo, a violent storm creates chaos in the atmosphere and their wishes are granted! Luke turns into a Komodo dragon and Austin becomes a grizzly bear. Luke can’t eat the frozen rats he gets for supper,and Austin is scared of his seven-hundred pound roommates. A mean guard with a temper and a cattle prod adds to their misery. Gramps tells the boys they are victims of an old family curse that can’t be undone until the next violent storm. Until then, they must help each other survive as zoo animals. Will they ever return to their normal, happy lives again?”


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Curse of the Komodo by M.C. Berkhousen
ISBN number 978-1-946329-39-4
Published by Progressive Rising Phoenix Press

Praise for Curse of the Komodo:

“A beautiful writing style draws young readers into this unique plot laced with valor, virtue, and humor. Curse of the Komodo is imagination and creativity residing comfortably with characters of reality. Readers will be waiting for the second book in this trilogy while forming fan clubs for their new favorite author.” — Deanna K Klingel, author of Rebecca & Heart.
Kathleen Marusak, freelance editor

“Joey, my 11-year old son, is a reptile enthusiast! As we were reading Curse of the Komodo together, we made so many text-to-world connections between the story, his knowledge of reptiles, and our frequent visits to the Detroit Zoo and the Toledo Zoo. We can’t wait for 90% Human!” –Randy and Joey Maddock, Troy, Michigan

Curse of the Komodo” is a fun read for young adult readers as well as adults! Filled with animal facts and a spell-binding story, this book hooks readers from start to finish!
–L. Burnham, Teacher, Toledo, Ohio

“The power of transformation is a strong message, in the boys learning about love and compassion for their respective brother and for their grandfather. The animals use their traits to fight for each other, and for good to win over evil. As well, the curse is in fact a blessing, for in animal form they learn what matters most in life.” –Kathleen Marusak



Book 3 of the Komodo Trilogy,
Return to Komodo Island

Planned for Publication in 2019
The Brockways and the Giffords return to Komodo Island to try to undo the curse. Their journey is perilous, and they face even worse danger when they finally reach the island. Together, Luke, Austin and Megan search for the fabled pink Komodo. But first they must find Medicine Woman, if she’s still alive.